Why VoCoVo?

In simple terms, teams work better with VoCoVo. VoCoVo is a push to talk radio headset system that is straightforward and simple for users. It consists of a headset (with no additional batteries or wires), that are connected centrally to a controller.  VoCoVo is the first step to instant team communications with the whole team connected at the push of a button.

Who uses VoCoVo?

VoCoVo is designed to connect teams across a smaller area than traditional those who require fully fledged two way radio systems.  It is ideally suited to Garden Centres & Nurseries, Restaurants, Hospitality, Retail, Wholesale, Events and Security.

In these types of settings colleagues need to communicate with each other to ensure customers and visitors are serviced exceptionally, but there is not normally the need for a sometimes-complex long-range, feature rich, radio system.  VoCoVo is the market leading product for this simple, affordable, functionality and connects staff via voice for better colleague communication and safety.


Social distancing & Covid-19

Whether anyone likes it or not since the Covid-19 pandemic, and probably for some time into the future, retailers and visitor attractions must manage people flow even more strictly than ever before.  Ensuring social distancing and safety is paramount for all, but balancing this need with customer service and open communication is important to ensure customers are confident to visit.  VoCoVo has been successfully implemented into stores who are learning to adopt these new guidelines as they open up (sometimes intermittently with rules changing.)

How does it work?

2826 have helped numerous clients, across a variety of sites, get set up with a VoCoVo system.  As one of the only a small number of UK partners, 2826 support our customers to manage the increasingly demanding day to day operations and challenges they bring.

The benefits of VoCoVo.

There are numerous benefits of a VoCoVo system but some of the top ones are…

  • Reduced queue times
  • Reduced losses
  • Reduced complaints
  • Increased positive customer feedback and delight
  • Wasted time reduced

Read some customer studies here: Co-Op, Wickes.

2826 provide VoCoVo systems from £39 rental per week including controller, 5 x headsets and charger facility.  Contact us for more info and read more here.