Modern-day business works around the clock, so it’s vital that their workforce communication tools do too.

To ensure coverage, capacity, and availability are maintained, proactive service management is a top priority. 2826 consult, design, deploy and support communications networks for many business types, large or small, straightforward, or complex, contract with 2826 to maximise and optimise your workplace communication tools performance, so you can confidently focus on your core business.

New Systems

New Systems

Two way digital radio systems offer increased capacity, crystal clear, loud, audio transmissions and endless functionality which can significantly improve and enhance the security, safety and the productivity of any team.

Two way radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work, more than ever before.

Migration to Digital


Two-way radio communication has been rooted in analogue technologies for most of its history. From 1923, the first mobile two-way analogue radio was developed by Police in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Analogue two-way radio communication was at one point the go to technology – offering the best service possible. However due to advances in technology and a change in user behaviours analogue radios have become less used - replaced with digital radio technology and changing the face of two way radios.

Two Way Radio System Upgrades


We can help your business or organisation determine if your current systems are capable of supporting new functionality, applications or devices.

Does your infrastructure or mobile devices have the latest firmware upgrades installed to take advantage of new features and functionality or iron out those niggling bug fixes?  Two way radios, like most modern vehicles need a regular service or the equivalent MOT to ensure operational standards are kept high, and failures that can be avoided kept low. This is often overlooked by many radio system owners.

Managed Services

Managed Services

With increasing complexity, options and costs for wireless two way radio solutions many companies are seeking fully managed service solutions for their two way radios that both control expenses, but take care of technology obsolescence.

When weighing up whether to outright purchase or take out a managed service contract for your two way radio requirements, it's become clear and has been proven time and time again that a fixed price managed service contract is the smart move, providing your organisation with greater flexibility and financial control.

OfCom License Management

OFCOM Licence Management

To use any radio transmitting device in the UK, it will need to either be licensed, or have a specific licence exemption.

If you use a two way radio system for your business, you need a licence from Ofcom. Business radio users range from taxi companies and factories, to hospitals, care homes, industrial sites and transport operators to name a few.

Purchasing Plans

Purchasing Plans

Budgeting for capital expenditure or “Cap Ex” is essential for a business to operate and grow.

Capital expenditures are normally expenses a business or organisation makes to generate financial benefit over a period of years. Therefore, a capital expense is the cost of assets that have usefulness and can help a company create profits for a period longer than the current tax year. Capital expenditures represent substantial investments of cash, designed to show a return on investment over a period of years, it is important for companies to carefully plan for them.