How radios power successful social distancing

Radios were originally designed to do one thing - improve communication.  Over the years, and as technology has advanced, available solutions now range from very easy to use, simple and basic, to fully bespoke multi-functional systems that are reliable in the most challenging of scenarios and environments. 

Regardless of the type of radio, one thing remains constant though – that they remain a cost-effective way to improve team communication, regardless of the setting.

Radios have supported businesses as they have opened, closed and reopened again during the global Coronavirus pandemic.  These systems have enabled businesses to adapt to new ways of working.  For many small businesses this new way of operating has placed a lot of pressure on the customer experience, brand reputation, profits and as a result sometimes even survival.  Most have had to learn along the way how to open safely, with little to no training on what to do and not to do.

How do you ‘manage social distancing’ in reality?

The process of managing social distancing can be likened to managing a complex and strict people flow system.  Many sectors are used to doing this in normal times (live events and concerts as an example), but many aren’t.  When you break it down it can include the following specific tasks…

  • Creating one-way systems
  • Spacing people out
  • Directing people
  • Preventing unnecessary contact
  • Controlling timings of entry and exit
  • Communicating with people (to tell them their order/meal etc. is ready)
  • Answering people’s questions at a distance.

Over the last year or so, most businesses have used radios of some kind to organise how people enter and leave their building, or queue outside it.  Clear directional signage combined with good team communication will ensure a positive, safe experience.  Many businesses are using a radio system for the very first time, and others – who have used them in the past – have adapted how they use them to meet this requirement.

Small retailers, garden centres, cafés and nursery schools, in particular, are having to up their game significantly to keep people safe.  The whole process, when managed well, has a direct impact on the person’s ‘experience’ and ensures people are relaxed.  Team communication via radio really plays a critical piece of this new puzzle we’re all slowly putting together.

There are many solutions available from two way systems, DMR, push to talk over cellular, VoCoVo and many more.  Our team of experts are on hand to help support businesses with the best advice and solutions.  We understand that times have been tough, but the need to open safely and juggle expenditure is a delicate balance.  For more info on options, or for a free and friendly chat on how we can help, get in touch today.

 Social distancing and radio