Security and facilities radios

Radio Communications for Security, Safety & Facilities Management

All good security and facilities management operatives will know that quality two way radios, body worn video devices and accessories are vital tools in their workplaces.

Deployment of a robust and reliable two way radio communications solution is key to success in this busy, fast-moving environment. Two way radios are used to coordinate the services and processes within security and facilities management. It involves providing clear and efficient communication between different teams located around a site to prioritise work, respond to situations, manage emergency procedures, maximise the efficient use of resources and ultimately to speed up and improve the quality of service delivered.

Security, Safety & Facilities Management: Solutions and Considerations

Protecting property and people is crucial for all facilities managers and business owners.  From CCTV and crime prevention, to building access and lone working security staff, this sector has a set of unique challenges.  A radio communications solution must be personalised to suit the exact requirements.  Here are a few benefits and considerations...

Why 2826?

Why Us?

Safety and security are critical factors for all business to consider and manage. Facilities managers need to ensure that their people and property are managed safely and efficiently in a way that works for them. 

We understand the need for reliable yet adaptable security radio solutions that offer enhanced performance and flexibility. 2826 have had the pleasure of helping some complex and sizeable organisations streamline their communications to work faster, smarter and safer and use our years of experience to help every client; new or existing.

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“The Teltronic Nebula TETRA infrastructure and Sepura hardware chosen for our project provided a real step-up in performance and capacity versus our previous solutions, and we are sure to develop the systems functionality further with the support of 2826 Ltd, allowing us to get the most from our investment.”

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Case Study - Security & Facilities Management

Read more about our work with a Central London Financial Institution and helping them 'go digital' with TETRA.

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