Top 4 ways VoCoVo wireless team communications can transform retail operations

In busy stores, retail communication can be a struggle. If you rely on walkie talkies, it’s difficult to communicate efficiently. Stores without these depend upon colleagues looking for each other to answer customer questions. And worse still, is the traditional tannoy system, meaning that everyone can hear the team’s messages. What can be done to transform your team communication?

1. VoCoVo allows staff to rapidly resolve queries

Instead of leaving to look for relevant colleagues, with VoCoVo, customer questions can be answered on the spot. 

Using a single team conference puts everyone’s expertise in the same place, meaning all queries can be dealt with. In larger stores, colleagues can have multiple conferences in play, across specific departments or floor levels, saving wasted time and effort, so that colleagues can instantly communicate with the relevant person.  

Whether it’s a question about pricing, refunds, stock levels or an expert’s guidance, VoCoVo puts the whole team’s knowledge at the touch of a button. 

2. Instant effective communication

At the touch of a button all colleagues can access crystal clear communication, listening to each other speak as if in the same room. Especially in stores with lower manning levels, this can transform the effectiveness of your team communication. 

In some stores, colleagues must carry multiple phones and a walkie talkie. VoCoVo uses only one device for all phone and internal communication. 

Walkie talkies can be difficult to interact with, especially as a trainee. VoCoVo wireless headsets are easy to use, with a single button. This makes teamwork easier and more instant, unlike more traditional devices. 

VoCoVo enables instant effective communication, straight away. This drives higher levels of productivity across your store.

3. Emergency assistance made easy

Some colleagues are more vulnerable than others, for example in petrol stations or during later shifts. VoCoVo provides instant access to communication through headsets, meaning that if something happens, a colleague can rapidly summon someone to assist.

Whether it’s a checkout colleague in a larger store, facing an abusive customer, or a colleague working single-handedly against a potential case of shoplifting, VoCoVo headsets enable colleagues to discreetly notify security or their wider team. For stores with smaller, reduced teams, this can transform how supported and safe colleagues feel.

4. Secure retail communication

Walkie talkies are not robustly secure forms of communication. Anyone with a device can hear the inner workings of a store, meaning that internal communication isn’t secure.

With VoCoVo, you don’t need to worry about someone else listening in. Channels are protected from external interference. Teams can be reassured that when they’re communicating, it’s totally secure.

VoCoVo can help colleagues to communicate effectively and instantly, so that your teams can resolve queries and collaborate wherever they are.

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