Licensed Business Two-Way Radios

Effective and efficient communication lies at the heart of every successful enterprise.  

Licensed business two-way radios are a reliable and efficient way for team members to stay connected across departments, and even across different locations. 

Organisations and businesses of all sizes and industries choose to integrate two-way radio devices into their operations, and for good reason.  These essential tools facilitate seamless communication, increased productivity, enhanced safety, and ultimately, help create a competitive edge.  

The use of business two-way radios can answer a multitude of day-to-day communications challenges…

  • Boosting productivity by streamlining workflows and eliminating unnecessary delays caused by communication barriers. 
  • Enhancing safety measures by enabling quick and immediate communication during emergencies or critical situations. 
  • Gaining a competitive edge by optimising your operations, making them faster, smarter, and safer.
Business communication

Why Strong Communication Matters

Two-way radios play a crucial role in a wide range of industries, transforming communication and enhancing operational efficiency.

From hospitality to manufacturing, to healthcare, retail and beyond, two-way radios are invaluable tools that streamline operations, foster collaboration, and ensure the smooth functioning of teams across several industries.

Understand the Benefits
Ofcom radio licence

Licensing Requirements

In the UK, most business radios require an Ofcom licence to fulfil legal and statutory requirements.

Why?  Ofcom manages the radio spectrum, ensuring lawful use of communication devices such as two-way radios.  Obtaining an Ofcom license authorises users to use specifically assigned frequencies.  This ensures compliance and prevents interference as well as offering encrypted and secure channels over which to communicate.  We guide our customers through the whole process and handle all elements of business radio licensing with Ofcom.

Ofcom Licence Information
Benefits of licensed radios

What are the Benefits of Licensed Radios?

Excellence in the workplace

Licensed two-way radios offer businesses and organisations several benefits.  In short, they help teams to communicate faster, smarter and safer.  

The use of two-way radios enhances safety with features like lone worker and man-down alarms. Operations are streamlined with instant push-to-talk and efficient task management. Two-way radios also boost productivity through seamless communication including message replay.

Discover Other Benefits
VoCoVo radio case study hospitality

Customer Case Studies

Customised radio solutions tailored to you

We understand the critical role effective communication plays in the success of any business.  That's why we take pride in providing tailored two-way radio solutions that empower organisations to enhance communication and streamline operations.

Curious to see how our solutions have made a difference?  Explore our customer case studies below, where you'll discover real examples of how businesses in various industries have transformed their communication landscape with our innovative two-way radios.

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DMR Digital Mobile Radios

Exceptional Performance & Reliability

DMR is an international open digital radio standard

The DMR standard comprises three tiers, including repeater-supported and full control channel-supported solutions.

As trusted partners of industry leading DMR manufacturers including Hytera, Motorola, Samsung, Sonim, and ICom, we take great pride in offering an extensive range of DMR radios to meet our clients' exact needs.  Through these valuable partnerships, we provide a wide selection of cutting-edge DMR radios, ensuring that we can cater to the unique requirements of our valued customers. 

Explore Digital Mobile Radios (DMR)
Safety and two way digital radios

Enhance Workplace Safety With Digital Two Way Radios

Safety enhancing digital two way radios

In the workplace, safety is paramount, but accidents can still occur, even among the most cautious of workers. Maintaining real-time communication with colleagues is crucial to minimise any potential harm.

Using a purpose built digital two way radio solution is an excellent way to improve safety in the workplace.  These radios prioritise safety, offering extended battery life and crystal-clear audio, enabling staff to stay connected and work with confidence.

Safety Advantages
future proof radios

Two Way Radio Future Proofing

How to getting long term value from your radio system

Future proofing involves the selection of products, services, or technological systems that minimise the need for frequent updates as technology advances.

While achieving true future-proofing can be challenging, at 2826 Ltd, we specialise in maximizing the value of your investment when it comes to new system purchases, migrations, and upgrades.

Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process, ensuring that you make informed decisions that optimise the longevity and effectiveness of your radio systems and solutions.

Understand Future Proofing
Radio support services

Support Services

Your peace of mind is our priority

We are dedicated to providing a swift, friendly, and professional service.  Our maintenance and support packages are flexible and can be tailored to accommodate various needs and budgets; whether you require ad hoc radio repairs or comprehensive system maintenance and 24-hour coverage.

Led by highly experienced and qualified engineering and installation personnel, our mission is to deliver outstanding service that perfectly aligns with your needs and financial goals.  We aim to provide exceptional service that caters to your specific requirements while ensuring optimal value for your investment.

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