Kenwood is recognised worldwide for its innovative communications equipment and consumer electronics.

JVCKENWOOD is known for making quality equipment throughout the whole communications industry. These consumer and corporate electronics are well-made, high-performing, and cost-effective. 

We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a choice of industry-leading communication tools that are dependable and feature-rich.


Kenwood Communication Solutions

We feel proud to announce that Kenwood is now a recognised member of our family of brands. 

This means that we are pleased to now offer the complete line of communication equipment from Kenwood to our consumers. We have the solution you need, from radios that are available in our online store to repeaters and licensed portables.


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Kenwood TK-3501T & TK-3701DT Licence-Free Radios


  • The TK-3501T is an analogue, licence-free two-way radio designed for heavy duty use outside. It is ultra durable making it ideal for professional applications where simple push to talk communication is needed. This radio does not require an OFCOM license.


  • The TK-3701DT by Kenwood is a rugged, licence-free two-way radio designed for outdoor use. TK-3701DT can operate in either analogue or digital modes and is ideally suited to users who need simple push-to-talk communications but require many more channels than are available with an ordinary license.


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Kenwood NX-1000 Series & NX-3000 Series Radios

Kenwood NX-1000 Series

  • The Kenwood NX-1000 Series radios are entry-level digital licensed radios, available in either DMR or KENWOOD NXDN versions. They come in non-display, partial keypad and full keypad versions.  The NX-1000 Series radios allow you to move from analogue to digital communications smoothly and efficiently.

Kenwood NX-3000 Series

  • The Kenwood NX-3000 Series digital two-way radios have been designed for professional use.  These rugged and reliable radios can be used to enhance nearly any enterprise-and operation-critical application, as they support both DMR and NXDN digital protocols.


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Kenwood Mobile Radios

Kenwood NX-1700/1800

  • The KENWOOD NX-1700 and the NX-1800 are digital mobile radios that provide simple, reliable installed push to talk communication.
  • With white backlit LDC display, 7 colour LED indicator and included remote speaker microphone, NX-1700/1800 are simple and easy to use in vehicle applications. NX-1700/1800 support multiple protocols including DMR and KENWOOD NXDN.


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Kenwood Mobile Radios

Kenwood NX-3720E/3820E

  • The Kenwood NX-3720E and NX3820E are two versatile, multi protocol mobile radios that support both DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and the Kenwood NXDN protocol. Designed with flexibility in mind, these radios can be ordered with integrated GPS as standard and come with Bluetooth.
  • The front panel of the radio can be used as a remote control head (requires optional accessories) and extensive customisation options are available via additional software.


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Kenwood Repeaters


The NXR-1700E and the NXR-1800E2 are Kenwood's compact, multi-mode conventional repeaters.

Their compact size means that installation is flexible; they can be positioned anywhere, including in settings where there is limited space.


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