Radio Communications for Estates & Venues

Coordination of different groups of people and teams (often over large areas) can be challenging. Reliable, robust communication channels are a critical success factor to ensure that the teams that manage Estates & Venues can do so efficiently and easily.

We understand that customer service (and safety) is at the heart of successful business, and our two way radio solutions for Estates & Venues reflect that. The unique operational challenges common to this sector require a comprehensive and well thought through plan when it comes to communications.

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Estates & Venues: Solutions and Considerations


Estates & Venues have a specific set of challenges to work with, each of which can have a direct impact on their visitors' experience, positively or negatively.  A well thought through team communications plan and solution can transform customer service, efficiencies and day to day operations.  

2826 work with several Estates, Venues & Royal Parks and understand that good communication is crucial when exacting standards need to be met.  Here are some common features and challenges that occur for Estates & Venues, and that a well specified radio communication solution can help to overcome, and improve! 

Why 2826?

2826 have decades of experience in this sector. We have worked with many clients who run daily and event operations for infamous and respected Country Estates and Venues in the UK.   We know what's needed to support the very specific needs of these settings: large areas in which to operate, reduced visibility, substantial footfall, and a range of teams to manage.

To service visitors exceptionally, every communication eventuality must be accounted for and planned for in advance to ensure smooth operations and excellent service.  2826's extensive experience with clients at some of the most prestigious Estates & Venues allows us to tailor solutions to our customers' exacting requirements. Every, single, time.  Want to know more or have a no obligation chat?


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Case Study - Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace Case Study

Learn more about our work with World Heritage Site, Blenheim Palace.

The challenge:

  • Upgrade and migration from an ageing analogue system which offered limited coverage to a new digital system.
  • The World Heritage Site welcomes thousands of visitors on a daily basis and the Blenheim team were determined to offer each member of the public a truly memorable experience.
  • The operations team at Blenheim required a reliable, robust communication tool to ensure excellent customer service was offered to visitors, as well as safety.
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Case Study - Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace & Tower of London Case Study

Learn more about our work with world famous visitor attractions, Hampton Court Place and Tower of London.

The challenge:

  • Replacement of a legacy analogue system with a new digital system for the iconic and world renowned Historic Royal Palaces in London.
  • A new system to improve communications and resulting visitor experience across all of the famous sites including Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Banqueting House and Hillsborough Castle.
  • A tailored solution for each of the prestigious locations and its individual challenges.
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