Over 23 Years of Experience

At 2826 we have over 23 years of experience providing two-way radio solutions to a variety of industries, all of which have very specific needs and challenges. 

Our customers work hard educating our children, keeping our communities running around the clock and ensuring people are safe and secure whether at work or play. We understand that each industry we work with faces its own set of unique challenges, so we listen and work with organisations to create customised two-way radio solutions that meet specific communication needs.

Industry - Education


Two Way Radio devices supplied by 2826 help staff create and maintain a secure learning environment for pupils in Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country.

Over the last 20 years 2826 have worked with numerous Educational clients across Nurseries, EYFS, Independent Schools, State Schools, Universities and Colleges.  We have helped these clients navigate the issues specific to the sector and enhance their communications to make day to day operations Faster, Smarter and Safer.  Find out more below.

Estates & Venues radio solutions

Estates & Venues

Coordination of different groups of people and teams (often over large areas) can be challenging.  Reliable, robust communication channels are a critical success factor to ensure that the teams that manage Estates & Venues can do so efficiently and easily.

We understand that customer service (and safety) is at the heart of successful business for Estates & Venues.  The unique operational challenges common this sector require a comprehensive and well thought through plan when it comes to communications. 

Industry - Events


Event two-way radios are important in crowd control scenarios such as event management where the organisers first obligation is to public health and safety.

Avoiding complete chaos in these situations, two-way radio use for event management is essential.  Events can range from festivals, concerts, motorsport, exhibitions, weddings or indeed any gathering of people, but one organisational aspect remains consistent: the need for a short-term solution for communication needs. Portable, robust, and extremely reliable within a specified coverage range, two-way radio remains a trusted communications tool for event staff.

Radio communications for healthcare


Communicating and information sharing within a hospital environment or indeed in the community can be challenging at the best of times.  2826 help staff in hospitals, care homes and mental health facilities feel safe and less vulnerable knowing help is available at the touch of a button should it be required.

2826 can transform your organisations’ ability to connect to any device, anytime, anywhere helping future-proof your workforce communication systems with the latest voice, video, and data from our many trusted partners. Being 100% independent means our clients get impartial advice ensuring the solutions we offer are tailored to your operational needs specifically.

Local Authority Radios

Local Authority

A local authority’s top priority would be the safety and security of their workforce. 2826 understand that Government is constantly pressing its departments to enhance safety and increase staff efficiency and we are armed to help our clients achieve these goals.

We have worked with many different local authorities and councils up and down the country over the years and whilst most face similar challenges, we use our tried and tested phased approach methodology ensuring each client gets a solution tailored to their exacting needs.

Radio communications for manufacturing


In a recent survey it was confirmed that 45% of UK manufacturers use two-way radio devices in the workplace.

Digital mobile radio (DMR) has become very successful in the development of different software solutions, which boost their mobility, operational range, network capacity, integration flexibility and overall efficiency.

2826 help many clients in the manufacturing space by providing state of the art innovative radio-based solutions that enhance operational efficiency, safety, and security for the whole workforce.

Retail and Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality

Having a well-connected and informed workforce creates a positive experience for customers, which in turn, increases loyalty and overall spend.  Reliable communication and collaboration between staff and management is critical to enable the delivery of excellent customer service.

In premises large or small the safety of staff and the service levels offered to customers is of paramount importance, now more than ever.  2826 can help your business work faster, smarter and safer with tried and tested communication solutions, we even offer FREE no obligation trial periods as proof of concept.

Industry - Security & Safety

Security, Safety & Facilities Management

All good security and facilities management operatives will know that quality two-way radios, body worn video devices and accessories are vital tools in their workplaces.

Deployment of a robust and reliable two-way radio communications solution is key to success in this busy, fast-moving environment. Two-way radios are used to coordinate the services and processes within security and facilities management. It involves providing clear and efficient communication between different teams located around a site to prioritise work, respond to situations, manage emergency procedures, maximise the efficient use of resources and ultimately to speed up and improve the quality of service delivered.