2826's Manufacturers and Partners

Our manufacturer partners are all market leaders in the two-way radio industry and bring slightly different solutions to the table when it comes to workplace voice and data communications. 

Our philosophy is simple; we work with only the best in each respective field giving our clients choice, value for money, reliability, and first-class customer service across the board.


Hytera is a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions.

With voice, video and data capabilities, Hytera provide faster, safer, and more versatile connectivity for business and mission critical users.


Motorola keeps you connected when conditions are toughest.

Built to the highest standards. Equip your teams with ultra-thin portables and extra-tough mobiles, industry leading data applications and flawless system scalability


Samsung rugged.  Built for the new way of working.

Easy to use, hard to break. When work gets extra tough, there’s Samsung rugged devices.


Sepura are a leading supplier of Public Safety & Mission Critical Communications.

Trusted by numerous blue light services throughout the world, Sepura specialist solutions provide highly secure voice and data encrypted communications. 


Sonim's ultra-rugged smart phone is built to last.

Built for missions that demand more than just voice communication, the XP8 is the piece of technology users can rely on in the harshest of environments.


Deliver amazing service by improving team communication with VoCovo.  

VoCoVo is a world leading team communication solution already winning awards and customers around the globe.

VoCoVo has become synonymous with innovative retail team communication solutions.


Zebra's innovative business push-to-talk app for your smartphone, PDA, scanner, tablet or Windows 10 PC. 

Workforce Connect from Zebra Technologies is an enterprise push-to-talk app which can help to boost efficiency, productivity and safety across the whole business.