Radios for Hospitals and Healthcare

Radio Communications for the Healthcare sector

Communicating and information sharing within a hospital environment or indeed in the community can be challenging at the best of times. 2826 helps staff in hospitals, care homes and mental health facilities feel safe and less vulnerable knowing help is available at the touch of a button should it be required.

2826 can transform your organisation’s ability to connect to any device, anytime, anywhere helping future-proof your workforce communication systems with the latest voice, video, and data from our many trusted partners. Being 100% independent means our clients get impartial advice ensuring the solutions we offer are tailored to your operational needs specifically.

Healthcare: Solutions and Considerations

From medical staff, receptionists, maintenance teams, healthcare workers and emergency departments 2826 are here to help with a range of products and services that will prove invaluable and work as hard as the individuals.  Utilising the latest technology and vast experience in our sector we will help you transform your workplace delivering reliable, streamlined communication solutions.

Why Us?

The Healthcare Sector is currently under pressures never experienced before.  Since the onset of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, 2826 have helped a number of Hospitals and Medical Practices streamline and improve communications to better cope with this increased patient numbers and associated pressures.

Our approach with other industries such as Local Authority and Manufacturing allows us to consult on the best solution that is fit for purpose, adaptable, and capable to withstand demanding environments. 

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“We have been working very closely with 2826 Ltd on a variety of large communications systems and are delighted that the client has chosen a Sepura solution.”

Cliff Davies, Business Development Manager. Sepura

Case Study - St Peter's Hospital

Download the case study which shows how 2826 helps streamline team communications in the Emergency Department using VoCoVo headsets

Read St Peter's Hospital case study Download Case Study