How VoCoVo will save you money

These are difficult times for retailers. COVID-19 dealt a serious blow to the high street in 2020. Several big names collapsed into administration, not to mention dozens of small and independent businesses.  

It’s natural to be risk-averse when times are tough, but it’s also important to think about the future. The businesses that thrive in the post-COVID world will be those that are willing to adapt to the new landscape.

Why is VoCoVo is a solid investment? 

Team communications can help you to provide the kind of service that will keep your customers coming back time and time again. VoCovo products offer great value for money and an excellent ROI. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a closer look at the figures. 

How much does VoCoVo cost?

VoCoVo isn’t just about hardware. VoCoVo’s Headsets, Call Points and Keypads form a single ecosystem, backed up by an intuitive software. The beauty about VoCoVo is that it can be scaled up to cover stores of any size.

This means that the cost will depend on the size of your store, the number of colleagues you employ and the number of stores you have. 

How much can VoCoVo save me?

VoCoVo saves you money in a whole host of ways. Some are easy to measure while others are less quantifiable. It’s easy to put a monetary figure on improved task efficiency but it’s harder to measure the value of greater job satisfaction. 

Here we’ll look at four of the measurable ways that we can save you money and compare the savings to the cost of implementing VoCoVo. Remember though, that this is only part of the picture. It’s also worth noting that these figures are based on a pay rate of £9 an hour. If you pay more, you will save more. 

1. Reducing travel time

VoCoVo’s headsets allow colleagues to check stock levels, request information and answer customer queries remotely. This reduces each colleague’s walking distance by an average of 1.4KM per store per day:

  • Reducing walking distance by 1KM saves you £316 per week per store.
  • This means that VoCoVo will save you £442.40 per week per store.
  • At this rate, you will cover your costs in just over 19 weeks.

2. Increasing task efficiency 

VoCoVo allows colleagues to multitask. You can answer customer queries or request information without stopping work. This saves you time which, in turn, saves you money:

  • Saving 105 minutes per day on task efficiency will save you £111 per week per store.
  • At this rate, VoCoVo will pay for itself in just under 18 months.

3. Automating self-checkout

VoCoVo reduces the need for manual intervention at self-checkouts. Customers can request help via a Call Point and colleagues can answer from anywhere in the store. Purchases can be authorised from anywhere within sight of the checkout via your headsets. 

  • Removing one colleague from a self-service checkout will save you £702 per week per store.
  • This means that you will cover your costs in just 12 weeks.

4. Unmanning desks

VoCoVo Call Points allow you to unman customer service and click & collect desks during quiet periods. Colleagues can get on with other tasks until they are needed. 

  • Removing one colleague from one of these areas will save you £594 per week per store.
  • At this rate, VoCoVo will pay for itself in just over 14 weeks.

Great value however you look at it

Taken individually, VoCoVo’s money saving methods allow you to cover your costs in a matter of months. However, it’s important to remember that you won’t be implementing these changes one at a time. VoCoVo allows you to save money in all four ways at once, making your payback time even faster. 

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