Maintenance & Support

Our service department consists of experienced and qualified engineering, installation and customer service officers whose number one goal is to provide a quick, friendly and professional service.

From ad hoc radio repairs to full radio systems maintenance with 24-hour cover, our maintenance and support packages can be tailored to suit any operational budget.


Its recognised today that manufacturers produce high quality reliable radios. 

On occasions radios do fail and we have developed a series of return programmes to allow customers quick turnaround of any faulty equipment.

In most cases new purchases will come with a comprehensive 2, 3 or 5 year warranty package where the only financial consideration ongoing will be consumables such as battery or accessory replacements. Radios in or out of warranty will be serviced at our Hampshire offices and returns, repairs or replacements are normally dealt with on a 10 day turnaround.

It is always worth considering a regular health check on an annual basis for any radio "system", however the need for expensive call out type maintenance cover has become a thing of the past.

For many of our customers, radio system downtime can lead to loss of earnings and even a safety critical lack of communications. At 2826 we are in a position to call upon an experienced pool of engineering resource, who can be on hand via our support desk for customers via telephone or by attending client premises where necessary.

When budgeting for a new radio system it’s important to allocate some funding to a maintenance agreement if you’d like to be entitled to preferential or enhanced response times from our team. We tend not to discriminate when our clients are in their time of need, therefore any call out fees and related charges can always be sorted and agreed once we we’ve got to and fixed the root cause.

We will be a happy to discuss how to best manage your radio system in the future ensuring you get a tailored solution making the most of precious budget.


In addition to warranty and repair services, we offer full ongoing technical support.

Technical support is provided through our support desk. On receipt of a technical support request we will verify that the person/organisation raising the case are entitled to our support service. 

Support requests will be allocated a unique case number.  This will be supplied as part of an acknowledgement against the request for technical support.  All correspondence relating to this case must reference the unique case number.

To allow the support desk to investigate issues then our clients need to provide concise information.  The urgency of the support case must also be provided when the case is raised according to the following clarification.

  • EMERGENCY: The product will be withdrawn from active operational use with significant commercial implications if no resolution of work aroud is identified.
  • URGENT: Prevents the immediate operational use or prevents deployment of the product.
  • NORMAL: Causes issues that may result in delays to a future operational deployment.
  • MINOR: Identifies observations that are considered future improvement.

Field Service Support

We have a pool of field service resource who are customer facing, technically skilled, and able to deal with most faults, whilst on-site.

2826 staff all have the customers interests at heart and our team work until the job is complete, not what suits our personal circumstances. Our professional approach and ability, combined with our expertise on-site dealing with arising issues, will always result in a fantastic level of service, and reduced system downtime, leaving you confident that 2826 will do all that we can to get your radio network fully functional with little or no disruption to your business.

Our commitment to any new customer

With any new installation or takeover of an existing system from an incumbent supplier or service provider, 2826 will as a matter of course provide a preventative maintenance inspection annually with no charge, this puts our client’s minds at rest ensuring they have the tools to run their businesses efficiently and with peace of mind.

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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

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