The 2826 Rookie’s Guide to two way radios: Part 2.

What can two way radios help with? 

In a nutshell, two way radios (or similar devices), can provide instant and flexible communication between people and within teams.  Communications can be made adaptable and facilitate private one-on-one conversations alongside the need for wider, public, group wide communications. 

A suitably specified two way radio system will… 

  • Improve communication
  • Improve safety
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve efficiency

A two way radio system helps improve the safety and security of workers.  The 2826 team guarantee that all systems are specified to meet our client’s specific needs. Functionality and features can vary from system to system and from situation to situation. 

Our team offer sound advice, quality products, great customer service, ongoing maintenance and we love to build long term partnerships with our suppliers and customers alike.  One of our key considerations is to ensure that our clients are matched with the right system for their needs and that that system is not overly complex or too complicated to use.  Simplicity really is key!  Read more about our Phased Approach here or more about the ins and outs of push to talk communications.