VoCoVo: Creating an efficient customer experience with Jack's - Partner Case Study

VoCovo and Jack’s - connecting teams in Jack’s stores across the UK

The Big Picture

Tesco PLC is the third largest global retailer, employing almost 500,000 people worldwide. In 2019 Tesco celebrated 100 years in business. They decided to mark the occasion with the launch of a new brand, to honour its founder - Jack Cohen. The new store, branded ‘Jack’s’ would move into a more cost-efficient space, whilst remaining part of the Tesco family. Jack’s stores would sell a smaller range of products - offering the best possible value. This provided the Tesco shopper with a budget alternative whilst maintaining quality and provided an opportunity to mark the company’s centenary.

What was Jack's' issue?

Retailers today are facing greater challenges than ever before. Customer expectations are rising, as the market becomes more challenging and competitive on price. All retailers must look at cost, business efficiency and customer service. Tesco wisely decided to make Jack’s launch a priority project. VoCoVo was already working with Tesco and our good existing relationship meant that Tesco approached us, confident we could meet the deadline set.

Jack’s stores would offer a discounted product range, giving shoppers the best possible price. As the range of products would be more limited, the use of Jack’s colleagues in stores would be a different model to Tesco UK. In store, Jack’s colleagues would need sophisticated communications systems to enable them to cover a wide range of roles. VoCoVo wanted to make this possible. With this in mind, Tesco approached VoCoVo, already a trusted supplier of retail communication headsets to Tesco UK, to ensure that instore communication in Jack’s stores would deliver efficiency, smooth communication and make the launch a success.

Requirements snapshot:

  • Opening of new Jack’s stores with new demands on staff - more flexible in-store roles
  • Wanted to drive efficiency in Jack’s stores
  • Wanted to enable fast, effective in team communication
  • Wanted staff flexibility and ability to move around the store quickly
  • ‘Call forward’ PA announcement for checkout queue reduction

So what did VoCoVo do?

VoCoVo began by outlining the requirement with Tesco and working on a prototype system to deliver the checkout PA announcement functionality. This was tested in Tesco’s headquarters, at Welwyn Garden City. The system worked well and went down ‘exceptionally well’ with colleagues. The period from this initial consultation to the delivery of the system into stores lasted just nine months. By working closely with Tesco, we were able to meet the deadlines and deliver a product that perfectly fit their needs.

VoCoVo’s existing relationship with the client meant that they were able to roll out the system across two stores immediately. Because timescales were short, this also meant they could keep to a specific deadline. When the first two stores opened in Chatteris and Immingham, both the headset and ‘call forward’ system were in place. Following this, VoCoVo was rolled out to the remaining stores.

Solutions snapshot:

  • Retail communication headset system to enable effective colleague communication, multitasking and easy in-store visibility system drove business efficiency, designed for discount retail model
  • Functions enable colleagues to move between different sections of the store, from warehouse to checkout, enabling different operating model with fewer colleagues working
  • ‘Call forward’ system that enables people to open and close checkouts within a headset, quickly pressing a button on the headset, checkout turns green and triggers automated announcement over the tannoy
  • Delivery in stores

And what were the outcomes? 

The feedback Tesco staff received from Jack’s colleagues in store was overwhelmingly positive, particularly around the use of the headset. Colleagues described it as ‘fantastic’ and were so pleased with the headsets in Chatteris and Immingham that we doubled the standard number held in stores. The product worked well, delivering quicker communication than any alternatives. The instant functionality enabled colleagues to respond quickly to customer and in-store demands. The headsets and ‘call forward’ system quickly became an integral part of colleagues’ working life, making daily jobs easier, more efficient and driving effective customer service.

“This system worked fantastically at our Jack’s stores. The headsets and ‘call forward’ system helped our staff to work flexibly, respond to the needs of customers and their colleagues, and helped the launch of our new stores run smoothly. It was integral to the business model of our stores, and we’d thoroughly recommend VoCoVo for running an efficient operation.” 

Andy Newbould, Technical Programme Manager

Benefits snapshot:

  • Quick, effective communication on price checking, warehouse operation, checkout needs
  • Operating with fewer colleagues than normal store, enables colleagues to communicate and multi-task
  • Drives business efficiency and quick-thinking.
  • Better customer experience, from staff able to react quickly and flexibly.
  • Call forward system enables staff to advise customers a new checkout is opening, and bring staff directly in to specific opened checkouts.
  • Avoids customer frustration with instant opening of new checkouts.
  • Easy for staff to respond, with just a few clicks of a button and a PA announcement.


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