What are the best two way radios?

There are many makes, models and types of two way radios available on the market today. From Hytera DMR, Sepura TETRA, VoCoVo DECT Headset Solutions, Samsung and Sonim's rugged range of LTE radios to Zebra Workforce Connect PTTC and much more in-between, the choice can seem never-ending.

If you’re looking to purchase a two way radio, however, the first question you’ll undoubtedly ask is “what are the best two way radios?”. Before deciding what two way radio is best for your business, and the radio communications solution you need, it is important to consider the purpose of these devices.

Who are your radio users?

Two way radio enables users to connect and communicate with each other using a radio device that sends and receives audio and data using radio waves. A two way radio solution can be simple, by connecting one radio directly with another, or it can be more complex and connect multiple users within different teams, job functions or across different geographical locations. A private and secure network can be established to allow users to communicate securely one to one, or one to many.

We recommend…

  • Easy to use, flexible solutions for retailers with VoCovo

  • Leading global providers of professional radio communications technologies, Hytera

Where are you located?

Users of two way radio solutions may all be in the same place, but this may be across a large area. Your business may be located in an area of limited network connectivity, or you may even need to communicate with colleagues in different counties or, sometimes, countries.

We recommend…

What type of environment does your business operate in?

Some two way radios are designed specifically for harsh and challenging environments, whereas other radios are designed for lighter usage. Considering likely wear and tear on your two way radio is a critical part of the decision-making process when choosing the right radio system for you.  Things to think about…

  • Temperature can impact battery life
  • Hardy, rugged radio handsets and hardware can withstand tough environments
  • Some radios are designed to cover a larger range than others
  • A strong radio infrastructure can facilitate reliable, clear radio communications, even in areas of low coverage

We recommend…

What functions and capabilities do you need your two way radios to perform?

Two way radio technology is being regularly updated by most manufacturers.  New developments in radio handsets and hardware, additional features, functions and capabilities are often being improved along with software applications. There’s so much functionality available today, but that does mean there’s also a lot of choice! Have you considered if your radio communications need to facilitate voice alone? Or do you need to utilise other functions such as data transmission, alarm monitoring, GPS or something else?

Before investing in a radio system, it’s important to understand the functionality of that system and any limitations.

We recommend…

  • Fast, safe and versatile communications with Hytera

  • Secure, voice and data encrypted radios trusted by the emergency services with Sepura

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