What does 'Managed Services' mean? And what are the benefits?

The 2826 Integrated Managed Services programme is designed to help businesses who need to implement a two way radio system whilst they focus on their core business and leave the rest to the experts, i.e. us.

In a nutshell, our Managed Service Programme helps our clients work FASTER, SMARTER and SAFER, and importantly, within budget.

Here are the three reasons this type of service wins over an outright system purchase.

  1. Low hassle

If you use a two way radio system for your business, you need a licence from Ofcom.  This is just one of the ‘things’ a Managed Services programme will take care of.

Buying a new system may seem like a quick fix, but the technical know-how that accompanies not only implementing this system, but getting the most out of it, requires a specific set of technical expertise and experience.  Radio equipment is often used in challenging environments and damage is not common but is highly possible.  Ongoing maintenance is included as standard in a Managed Services Programme so the client can pick up the phone if there’s a problem and it’s sorted, at no extra cost, and get back to their day job.

  1. Affordable

When weighing up whether to outright purchase or take out a managed service contract for your two way radio requirements, it's become clear and has been proven time and time again that a fixed price managed service contract is the smart move, providing your organisation with greater flexibility and financial control.  With no capital expenditure required, a fixed monthly fee lets you know where you are (not to mention that fees are 100% tax deductible.)

  1. Scalable and futureproof

A Managed Services Programme allows flexibility for the initial system to grow and change with the organisation.  Unlike an outright purchase, a programme like this (which is essentially rental) allows customers to have access to the cutting edge technology to meet their needs, and over a set time period where those needs will remain.  When that changes, so can the kit meaning equipment does not become outdated.

For more info on the 2826 Managed Services Programme get in touch with us on 0845 2200200.