The 2826 Rookie’s Guide to two way radios: Part 4.

What about licencing?

To use any radio transmitting device in the UK, the device will need to either be licensed or have a specific licence exemption.  These licence fees can range from a one-off fee of approximately £75 for five years, to £1500, which authorises the use of various business communication equipment.

Who needs a licence?

  • Airwaves (such as WiFi)
  • Fixed-line telecoms
  • Mobiles
  • Postal services
  • Radio
  • Radio communications
  • TV
  • Video-on-demand sectors

Without licencing, interference from other radio users or devices could render any well-designed system useless so it’s important to have this covered.  But don’t worry, any reputable radio supplier will be able to take care of licencing requirements.  Read more about radio licencing.