The 2826 Rookie’s Guide to two way radios: Part 3.

What equipment is available? 

There is a vast range of equipment available in today’s marketplace but, as a general rule, equipment can be split into the following groups:

  • Mobile radios (they use the vehicle they are mounted in as their power source)
  • Portable, handheld radios (or ‘walkie talkies’)
  • Repeaters and base stations (they enhance the range of portable radios)
  • Headset solutions (utilising DECT technology) 

Within these groups there are many options for outright purchase, and Managed Services Programmes (essentially, rental with built in support rather than capital outlay or CAPEX.)

Some of the systems and products 2826 work with and recommend include, but are not limited to…

  • Vastly superior voice performance and clarity, especially in noisy environments. TETRA has the ability to replace mobile phones, pagers and emergency devices all in one easy to use handset. Find out more here.
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). An international open digital radio standard that was developed around 2014.  DMR products are split into three tiers, from Tier 1 (basic radio to radio communications), Tier 11 (uses a repeater to extend coverage) and Tier III (a full control channel control channel supported solution.) Read more
  • full-duplex technology which allows voice and data to flow simultaneously in both directions. Read more here.
  • Push to Talk over Cellular(PoC) combines the functionality of radio and smartphone technology in one device.  It is a great solution

The key takeaway? Yes, there is a lot of ‘tech’, but if you work with a partner like 2826, you will not need to worry about being overwhelmed; we’ll take care of all of the technical jargon and set up for you.