The 2826 Rookie’s Guide to two way radios: Part 1.

The workplace can sometimes be dangerous and unpredictable, even for the most safety conscious worker.  Accidents, sadly, can and do happen. 

Team communication has a positive impact on staff productivity and organisational efficiency (not to mention health and safety) so it is therefore vital to maintain in real time communication with colleagues.

You might be thinking of improving your communication within your team but you might also not be sure where to start!  Don’t despair!  That’s where we come in.  Not only do we supply, install and maintain solutions, we've built a reputation for engaging with our clients, showing a keen interest in their end goals from the outset and ensuring that they get the most out of their investment in our service, long term.

This is the first in our series the ‘2826 Rookie’s Guide’ to everything two way radio.  We hope this will give you all the information you need!

Why use two way radio? 

If you are researching radios you have probably already identified that your team’s communications need to improve in some way.  You may have identified some specific reasons or specific challenges that you want to try and fix.  It is likely you are looking for a system that is simple to use, easy to manage and that addresses or fixes the problem/s challenges you have identified.  You may have an existing system in place but that is outdated and not working effectively to meet your needs which may have changed. 

Here are some common reasons you may need to consider, or are already considering, a two way radio system… 

  • Health and safety concerns and responsibilities for staff
  • Employers duty of care for lone workers
  • Staff who work outside of normal hours
  • Large areas or spaces between teams of people
  • Different teams of people who need to communicate one on one or via groups
  • Poor reception or mobile signal or patchy areas of connectivity
  • A large or complex operation or site
  • Social distancing
  • Queue management
  • A team in place who could be more efficient.

If one of these reasons apply to your business, implementing a two way radio system can totally transform your business operations.