Six smart integrations that can boost your VoCoVo system

The modern shop floor is buzzing with technology. The UK is home to almost 300 million smart devices, and a third of all retail tasks are expected to involve smart technology by 2030. 

Most modern tech comes with an inbuilt API, and VoCoVo is no exception. VoCoVo is designed for unlimited integrations with a huge range of smart devices.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It refers to a piece of software that allows two devices to communicate. Think of it as an interpreter for devices that speak different languages. APIs also play an important role in security by controlling which information is shared between devices. 

Every VoCoVo product comes with a built in API, allowing seamless integration with thousands of smart devices. Colleagues can receive information and even control devices, all from a single location. Here are six ways that smart integration can help you to get even more out of your VoCoVo system.

1. Authorise self-checkout purchases

Self-checkouts have exploded in popularity since the pandemic, and this presents a challenge for colleagues. Many self-checkout purchases require authorisation, meaning that colleagues often spend all day rushing between machines. This is one area where smart integration can make a huge difference:

VoCoVo headsets can be linked to self-checkouts, allowing colleagues to receive notifications of the type of issue and which checkout needs attention.

When an authorisation is needed, colleagues receive a notification to their headset ensuring they know what order customers are waiting for and that colleagues don’t have to rely on noticing the flashing light above the till.

A single colleague can oversee multiple positions, freeing up team members to get on with other tasks.

2. Take calls from the shop floor

With over 60% of customers preferring to contact companies by phone, you can’t afford to miss external calls. However, repeatedly leaving the shop floor to answer the phone can make it hard to stay on task. VoCoVo has a solution:

  • Headsets can be integrated with your existing phone system, or can replace it altogether.
  • External calls go straight to colleague headsets, allowing them to answer without leaving the shop floor.
  • Colleagues can continue to perform manual tasks while they take calls. If further assistance is needed, they can transfer the call to another colleague at the push of a button. 

3. Connect security teams to CCTV

Shoplifting remains a major problem for UK retailers. The most recent BRC Crime Survey found that stores had lost £1.2 billion to thieves in 2020/21, an increase of £200 million from the previous year.

In order to reverse this trend, you need to give your security team as much support as possible. This is where smart integration comes into its own:

  • Security headset systems can be linked to smart CCTV cameras
  • When a camera spots something suspicious, an automated alert is sent to security colleague headsets
  • This allows colleagues to respond quickly without having to trigger a public alarm

4. Spot suspicious stock depletion

As well as helping you to catch thieves in the act, VoCoVo can also help you to spot the early signs of shoplifting:

  • Headsets can be linked to smart shelving in order to flag up suspicious patterns of stock depletion 
  • If a certain item is running out faster than it should, a warning message will be sent to colleague headsets
  • This allows you to redeploy security colleagues to cover the area 

5. Raise the alarm discreetly

Many stores still use a tannoy system to alert security colleagues to shoplifting incidents. This presents a major safety issue as criminals can see who is making the announcement. This is another area where smart integration can help:

  • Headsets can be linked to your existing tannoy system
  • Colleagues can trigger a store-wide alert at the press of a button
  • This is completely anonymous, allowing colleagues to raise the alarm without putting themselves at risk 

6. Reduce food waste

Food waste costs UK supermarkets over £2.4 billion a year. Some of this is unavoidable, but a significant proportion is due to human error. Leaving fridge doors open or forgetting to restock shelves can lead to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of food being thrown away unnecessarily. Smart integration can help to rectify this situation:

  • Smart fridges can be linked to headsets. If a door is left open, an automated alert is sent to nearby colleagues. This allows you to step in before any food is spoiled.
  • Smart shelving can notify colleagues when an item is running low. This allows you to restock more efficiently, so you can sell more and waste less. 

Limitless possibilities

Modern retailers use a wealth of technology to keep stores running smoothly. While there will always be those who are suspicious of change, these people are now firmly in the minority. In recent years, colleagues and customers alike have become increasingly tech-savvy:

We could name dozens more examples, and this number will only grow as time goes on. As new smart devices appear on the market, we’re confident that VoCoVo's API will have no trouble integrating them into your ecosystem. VoCoVo headsets are the only headsets on the market that offer unlimited integrations, so the sky really is the limit! 

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