Is it time to change your two way radios?

There are always new and improved technologies coming onto the market, so you might think that this is a reason to renew your two way radio system. However, many solutions have a long shelf life and can service a business well. Knowing the right time to change is important to make sure you don’t spend out on unnecessary kit, or fall behind when a newer system could provide huge benefits to your business.

Find out the top four signs that it’s time to consider upgrading your two way radios…

Damaged equipment

It’s simple to say, but if your equipment is damaged to a state that it isn’t providing crystal clear communications, it may be time to consider a replacement. This may not necessarily mean a newer radio system, but it’s definitely important to check your radio equipment is healthy so that it works well. Consider wear and tear and one-off ‘droppages’. Those using radios in tough environments may undergo much more wear and tear than the more lightly used systems. Keep an eye on damage and speak to your radio provider to get a second opinion if you’re unsure if it’s a maintenance issue or time for a change.

Not receiving messages properly & patchy conversations

If your radio isn’t receiving messages as it once was, this could be down to several reasons. Some of these reasons can be minor, and easily fixed, but if the problem is persistent or the radios are getting old, it might be time to look at renewing your radios.

With a properly specified radio system, you should expect to hear clear messages at all times. If you start to hear static this, again, could be down to a number of reasons. Whatever the cause, get it checked out with your provider as it may signal that it’s time for a radio upgrade.

Unable to reach the maximum range & reduced battery life

If your radio is struggling to reach its maximum range, it’s no longer working to its full capacity. Heavily used radio equipment will undergo wear and tear and this can be heavy in some environments. When the range starts to become a problem, it’s often a sign you are due for a radio upgrade.

Most radios will be able to use external batteries. As many of us know from using our phones, the older they are, and the more they are used, can reflect on the battery life which can sometimes be substantially reduced. Battery replacements are easy to arrange for most two way radio solutions, but if the newer batteries aren’t holding their charge for very long, it might be a sign that the radio is reaching the end of its life.

Your business needs are changing

One of the most common reasons for needing a new radio system is that a business is growing or changing and the radio solution doesn’t fit the current, or future needs. Two way radios can last a long time, which means that they can sometimes need replacing simply because newer technology is available and better suits the business environment. 

Additional functionality may be needed, and while a system may strictly speaking not be obsolete, it may become obsolete to your business. Speak with your radio provider who will be able to keep you up to date with new products and ways these can be upgraded. The good news is that affordable solutions are available from 2826, who focus on making customers operate faster, smarter and safer. 

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