Why Choose TETRA?

TETRA provides the right technology for your commercial radio system. If you are looking to update your commercial radio network, you may not have considered TETRA. 

TETRA is the world’s most proven digital radio technology and the global standard for mission critical communications adopted by emergency services for its reliability and robustness.  It can also be an affordable choice for smaller commercial systems, providing spectrum efficiency and unparalleled functionality.

Read our checklist to see how TETRA matches your requirements…

1. You need consistent high quality communications

Secure and reliable, TETRA is a mature, feature rich standard that is operational in over 125 countries worldwide.

2. You have medium sized network

Due to its exceptional security and resilience, TETRA is known as the technology of choice for large, mission critical communication networks. It can be a surprisingly cost effective choice for smaller business critical systems, providing crystal clear audio and a wider feature set.

3. You don’t want to be tied to one supplier

As a truly open standard, multi-vendor technology, TETRA offers choice, competitive pricing and the flexibility to “mix and match” products from different suppliers, giving you the choice of products that best suit your needs.

4. You want quick and easy frequency licence application

Although perceived to be more system orientated with pricing comparable to analogue/DMR licences, TETRA licence applications are swift and straightforward.

5. You require exceptional audio quality

TETRA provides stable, natural sounding audio for an optimal user experience. Off network radios can be used in direct mode, maintaining communications at all times.

6. You need voice and fast data communications

TETRA radios can process data applications while simultaneously receiving or sending voice calls, making better use of spectrum and bringing productivity, safety and security capabilities to your radio fleet.

Specifically design software applications allow you to:

  • Combine geographical information systems, voice recording and radio dispatch in one integrated solution
  • Issue visual alerts and swiftly deliver images to TETRA radios and other java enabled devices
  • Get instant responses to field enquiries through access to multiple databases