2826 Help Events Agency S3K Group Improve Productivity and Streamline Communications with Zebra Workforce Connect

With the help and guidance of 2826 Ltd, S3K Group, a West Sussex based Live Events Agency, have recently adopted Zebra push-to-talk technology for several of their crews who install live events across the UK and overseas.

After a turbulent 18 months during, and following, the Covid-19 pandemic, S3K Group, founded in 2010, has seen excellent growth in recent months. As such, the number of projects they are delivering has increased and so has the size and complexity of their crew team. They needed to streamline communications between multiple team members, on and offsite client teams, local authorities and a range of other stakeholders across a variety of locations in and outside of the UK.

“The Zebra Workforce Connect solution has been a game changer for us” says Edward White, CEO and Founder of S3K Group.

With private radio networks often already in place during event builds, the S3K team would frequently use several devices at one time, sometimes making communication clunky and inefficient. The team felt that communication between S3K team, and resulting productivity, could be much improved so sought help from 2826 to design a solution to help.

“We’re often using our client’s radios, as well as our own, and channels and general chat can get incredibly busy at times! It’s important we’re able to action urgent requests quickly, make sure we can locate the right person immediately and communicate in smaller, private, groups when necessary too. Stuart and the 2826 team have helped us come up with the perfect solution in Zebra Workforce Connect. In a short period of time it’s made a huge difference to how we operate.”

The Zebra Workforce Connect App enables the creation of an ad-hoc talk group made up of chosen members. Push-to-talk messages can then be sent to see who can help with the job. An available team member can then reply to all by push-to-talk so everybody knows that the job has been allocated. The Zebra app allows workers to do it all from their chosen device, which could be a smartphone, tablet, PDA or Windows PC.

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