VoCoVo Link 4-User System

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VoCoVo Link 4-User System - Pre-order


VoCoVo Link connects everyone on your team with lightweight, comfortable VoCoVo Headsets.  Talking on VoCoVo is always instant, distraction-free and gives customers the right impression.  

Connected teams are more productive, feel safer and are generally happier and more motivated in their roles because they know help is always at hand.  Customers get faster, more efficient service and better answers to their questions, because any colleague can tap into the wider team’s expertise in seconds.

The VoCoVo Series 5e has been designed in direct response to feedback from retail teams to connect colleagues comfortably throughout their day. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to adjust to alleviate pressure points.

Headsets can be worn on either ear with a non-allergenic headband and are easy to adjust around glasses, hairstyles and headwear. Every colleague can have their own removable ear cushion with a breathable TENCEL™ foam ear covering to keep ears cool and comfortable all day.

When a team member starts their shift, they simply grab a Headset from the Dock, put it on and adjust it for their comfort, then touch the round button to talk to their whole team on a secure voice conference. Everyone can communicate and collaborate just like they’re standing next to each other, no matter where they’re working – indoors, outdoors, on the shop floor or in the back room.

Thanks to full-duplex technology and VoCoVo's retail-specific environmental noise cancelling, conversations are always easy and natural because the headsets deliver nothing but instant, crystal-clear voice. 

At the end of the day, teams return their Headsets to the Dock so they’re charged and ready for the next shift.

HEADSETS: Designed around feedback from retail teams, the lightweight and discreet Series 5e Headsets connect your team instantly with crystal-clear conversations while they work.

DOCK: The go-to storage place for your VoCoVo Link Headsets and removable Hub, the Dock also charges your Headsets so they’re always ready for the next shift.

HUB: the brains of your VoCoVo Link system, the Hub wirelessly connects your Headsets to keep your team collaborating on the go. Each Hub has a range of 100 metres and can be strategically placed to give you the best coverage.


  • Ready to use out-of-the-box – 10 minutes set up
  • Only requires mains power
  • Up to 8 users connected (using two 4-User Systems)
  • 40 hours of standby time
  • Approximately 100m range from the hub.  Each hub has a range of 100m and can be strategically placed to give you the best coverage.


VoCoVo Link 4-User System comes with:  4 x Series 5e headsets with head bands, charging dock (includes power supply) and hub. 


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