5-Unit Multi-Charger for VoCoVo S4 Pro Headsets

Product Code - VCV2115/UK

5-Unit Multi-Charger for VoCoVo S4 Pro Headsets


5-way desktop multi-unit charger for VoCoVo S4 Pro Headsets. Comes with UK power supply.

  • Our 5-Unit Multi-Charger for VoCoVo S4 Pro Headsets will simplify the way you handle your headsets. It is possible to charge up to five headsets at once with this innovative charging solution, which is made with efficiency and convenience in mind.
  • Its elegant and small form preserves valuable workspace and guarantees that all of your VoCoVo S4 Pro Headsets are constantly prepared for use.
  • Our multi-charger is designed with safety and dependability as its top priorities. It has intelligent charging technology that guards against overcharging and short-circuiting your headsets.
  • This attachment is essential to maintaining the best possible condition for your headsets, regardless of whether you oversee a busy office or a dynamic team.

With the 5-Unit Multi-Charger, you can increase output, decrease downtime, and maintain the optimal condition of your communication equipment. 




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