Client Goals, Equipment & Reviews

Three fundamentals when delivering and maintaining a successful digital two way radio system long term. 

We’ve mentioned before that 2826 are not simply another organisation looking for a quick sale at any cost, we genuinely care about what we do and the way in which we conduct ourselves and this is key to our future success.

If you’d like to buy cheap, buy twice and receive no on-going support with what is a technical purchase, then partnering with 2826 is not the right choice for you. There are many competitors online who can cater for these specific purchasing needs, if however you want a supplier whom cares enough to take the time to understand your exact needs, help you tailor a solution to overcome particular operational difficulties and remain in regular contact whether you are spending or not, you’ve found your perfect match.


Client Goals

2826 will discuss your businesses specific requirements and match a solution to your needs now, whilst future proofing any investment. We will work with you to build a vision and how your investment in digital two way radio technology might help you achieve those roadmap goals.



Choosing the right equipment, first time around is paramount in giving users and management confidence that the most suitable match has been made in any investment. 

Whilst most businesses will only have a supplier’s word for how good a product or service is, we are different.  2826 will allow you to decide by demonstrating actual equipment in real operating environments, letting our customers test drive their system prior to making financial commitment.  

2826 work on a “phased approach” basis where we assist our clients in building their perfect system in stages, ensuring vital, necessary items are not missed and they do not waste valuable budget on items that are not needed.

Being truly independent means we are not tied or incentivised by any one manufacturer, therefore we are truly focused on delivering solutions that match our clients goals.



Establishing a long term win-win relationship based on mutual trust and teamwork, and on sharing of both risks and rewards can only be achieved by continued contact and review.

We stay in contact with all our clients large or small on a regular basis and where needed carry out system reviews.

Regular review meetings are vitally important for both parties to ensure items of change have not been missed.