TETRA - Terrestrial Trunked Radio

TETRA is an international open digital radio standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). 

It is the most widely deployed digital radio standard in the world - used in a variety of applications from huge wide area public safety systems to single site commercial operations. The TETRA standard is now very mature and remains at the forefront of radio technology globally.

TETRA technology is a TDMA based standard which means the radio divides the frequency into time slots.  With this standard it is four slots and this has the benefit of allowing great efficiency from infrastructure and licensing as several different radio user groups can concurrently use each frequency.

This technology has a reputation as a "high end" solution.  Over time, increased competition in the TETRA market place has lowered prices and made this standard a cost effective solution in many vertical markets.

Analog Technology
Analog Technology
Tetra TDMA Technology
Tetra TDMA Technology

TETRA is more than just a "two way radio"

TETRA solutions will drive real change in your business processes by eliminating the constraints of some legacy two way radio systems; enabling you to re-think your operational procedures and leverage productivity improvements.

TETRA delivers ease of use, vastly superior voice performance and clarity, especially in noisy environments and it has the ability to replace mobile phones, pagers and emergency devices all in one easy to use handset.

Why choose TETRA?